We build companies in the world of E-Commerce

B & B Systems provides brands with omnichannel e-commerce opportunities to grow their business through global marketplaces. We establish full-service partnerships with our brands to drive the growth of their business including logistics, 3PL fulfillment, marketing and sales solutions. With our proprietary software, we offer top placement on direct-to-consumer industry-leading websites, so our brands can successfully build lasting partnerships to grow their businesses.


Warehouse Technology

Proprietary warehouse technology which enables us to ship quick, and have full transparency of where all merchandise is. Our technology has speed up our shipment process, allowing shippers to overflow into other tasks.


Marketplace Partnerships

With years of selling under our belts, we have been able to form relationships with many of the top e-commerce marketplaces. We are able to get products in front of consumers eyes by getting it placed on front page deals.


Ad Automation

Save countless hours by easily managing your campaigns, bids, and keywords by leveraging our fully automated, AI-driven keyword and bid optimization.

Automatically eliminate wasted spend by identifying and acting on negative keywords and take back hours of your valuable time.


Brand Control

We have enabled software that scours the internet to check if anybody is selling product below MAP pricing, or is unauthorized to sell. We have helped many brands help combat counter-fitting.